The Rise of Weed Stocks

The weed industry is already worth billions and only 8 states have legalized recreational use. The growth statistics for this industry North American Marijuana Index climbed 86.5% in 2017 Aurora Cannabis Stock climbed 369% in 2017 Emerald Health Therapeutics climbed 288% in 2017 In my opinion the weed industry will continue to grow and along... Continue Reading →

How To Invest $100

After making a blog about how to invest $500 and getting requests for this one I thought I'd take it one step further and write about how to invest $100. To be honest, it's going to be hard to turn $100 into any reasonable amount in any market. Here's how to invest $100. I'm going... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Making More Money

Making more money sounds awesome, right? The problem is it's not that easy. Social Media has presented the idea that it's possible to 'get rich quick' which just doesn't happen...unless you win the lottery. You can help yourself and speed up the process by using this one secret. Give an insane amount of value with no... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Make $500

$500 could go towards your next investment, an emergency fund, or maybe even a nice vacation. Even if you don't need the extra cash it's always nice to have it Let's find out how you can make $500 1.) two ways I know saving is the most boring strategy you'll hear but it is... Continue Reading →

How To Gain 10,000 Real Instagram followers

At the time of writing this I currently have 55.2 Instagram followers. Here's how I did it Instagram's new algorithm Instagram has developed a new algorithm that makes it so only the best content is seen. They now detect accounts that use methods that use to work to grow accounts fast such as follow/unfollow, engagement pods, or buy followers, even through these... Continue Reading →

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